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Welcome to are website. Are website can tell you how to do some tricks in the Trick Tips side bar. Im going have to have some movies soon that teach you how to do some complacated tricks on a TechDeck.   
NOTE:  Were gonna be updating this site every two days, and the two days after that,   ect.


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If you want to send me Feed Back like telling me how you liked the site or Perfections that I could make on it or even little bits and things that could make my site better. Like maybe a chat fourm or somthing so that we could discuse new tricks and cool combo's and anything really. Also I just want you all to know that I'm really good at html so if you wana make your own sites just contact me in the link to us menu in the sidebar. Just give me Feed Back so that this site can be more helpful and more fun for all of us.
If you do want to give me Feed Back then its at the bottem left corner of this text.
NOTE: Please do not put bad words in the Feed Back. Thank you.

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