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Trick Tips
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Ollie - To do the ollie, put your middle finger square on the tail and your index finger in the middle (the Tech Deck logo). The next part is tricky and must be done simultaneously. Smack the tail done really hard and slide your index finger up the deck to level the board out. Land and ride away. If you still can't ollie, try doing the motion on your leg or ride fakie(backwards), do the motion and quickly pull it back towards you. This should cause a force to press the fingerboard to your fingers. Gradually stop riding fakie until you're comfortable doing an ollie.

Nollie - Put your index finger on the nose and your middle finger just behind the back truck bolts. It helps to learn the ollie while moving (like the fakie ollie). Move forward and pop the nose down. If possible, try sliding your middle finger to the tail causing some force to press the Tech Deck against your fingers and level it out. Land and ride away. Chances are, you won't get much height and distance on your nollie. If you can't nollie, just try going really fast and popping the nose really hard. The Tech Deck might do a rotation or a nollie flip. You might be able to learn to do a clean nollie from there.

Kickflip - Put your fingers in the ollie position except your index finger should be closer to you, and your middle finger should be hanging off the toe side (the side further from you). Now do an ollie but instead of stopping at the front truck bolts, try to extend your finger off the bottem right corner. The fingerboard will then spin like a barrel roll towards you. One the fingerboard has completed a full roll, catch it in mid air and ride away. If you can't get the Tech Deck spinning at all, try putting your fingers more parallel to it. If your fingerboard spins too many times does varials, spread your fingers further apart and place your fingers more like a normal ollie.

Heelflip - Put your middle finger on the bottem right corner of the Tech Deck (try to make it hang off the edge) and your index finger ahead of the Tech Deck logo(also hanging off the edge). Try curling your finger so the fingerboard will flip easier. I recommend learning this using the fakie method. Ride fakie, pop the tail and slide your index finger to the top left corner. The Tech Deck will do a barrel roll away from you. Catch the fingerboard and ride away. Gradually start to move forward instead of fakie. There's not much I can tell you about the heelflip. Check out for videos and explanations on these, and other tricks.

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